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Dr. Yvonne Sudarshan M.D.

I am a former pediatrician who still has much to give to the young people in my community. Guiding 3 sons along their paths to college, I have learned that every person’s college story is unique.

I hold a Certificate in College Admissions Counseling from the University of California. I have attended seminars and classes to equip myself to advise and assist high school students on their way to college. I have also completed Alternative Teacher Certification courses for the state of Texas. I am excited about the prospect of helping families by making the college application process more fun and less stressful.

I am an associate member of IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Association).   I proudly pledge to live by their standards of professional ethics. IECA members work passionately to assist their students, not by playing on inside connections, tricks, or gimmicks, but by making sure their students complete everything well ahead of time and in a way that makes their applications shine. Time, patience, knowledge, experience, and individual attention are the benefits I offer you as an independent educational consultant. I don’t work for any high school or college - I work for you and your best interests, period!

My Mission:

To be a trusted advisor to a family during an important milestone, the selection of a college.

To be a calm, experienced, and caring guide by structuring the work a student must accomplish, so the student can focus efforts on the creative, unique, and individual parts of the application.

To help the student find a place where he or she will be valued and accepted, while continuing to thrive and develop talents, skills, and character.

To bring Your College Dream down to earth and make it real.

I abide by the principles of good practice of each organization

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Due to the many different ways that colleges and universities select students, Your College Dream LLC cannot guarantee admission to any institution.

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