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Texas A&M University Central Texas: Finish what you've started

Friday, April 15, 2016
I found everyone I met during my visit to TAMU - Central Texas branch to be enthusiastic, helpful, and very proud of all their campus has to offer. Not a traditional college, this is for upper division undergrads only - those who have started, but not finished, their bachelor's degree. Located in Killeen, near Belton and Fort Hood, it offers support for the whole family. Business, Accounting, CIS and other business related degrees, Criminal Justice, Social Work, BSN nursing, and aviation science are a few of the majors offered. 

date: April 1, 2016

school: Texas A&M University, Central Texas

Regional counselor

recruiter/ admissions Janecze Wright

admissions office general contact info

Admissions (254) 519-5438

General Advising (254) 501-5056  Apply as a transfer student using Apply Texas.

the kind of student you love to get?

TAMU CT focuses on helping those students who have started their college studies to apply the work done so far towards the goal of completing a bachelors degree.  To be admitted to the school, a student must have already completed at least 30 hours of college credits. The location in Killeen TX near Fort Hood means they have many military students and military families.

biggest factor (grades vs other)

30 college credits, plus a student must meet TSI (Texas Success Initiative) proficiency requirements for reading, writing, and math. Must be in good standing at all other colleges attended, have a 2.0 GPA or better, and submit all official transcripts.

Demonstrated interest - do you track and can it make or break?

The staff is friendly and helpful in helping an applicant complete their degree. Just send in your transcripts, they will analyze the courses and see what you may be lacking to declare a major. Someone from the department you are interested in can talk with you about your plans. If you need to finish up some more classes at a community college level before joining TAMU-CT, they will help you plan those classes, too.

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

Financial aid is need-based and all are eligible except non-degree-seeking students, post-baccalaureate students and transient students.

Majors available

internships, job help?

many departments and sources will help for job search

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

No housing. The college is located on on a hilly campus  in Killeen and consists of two modern 4-story buildings. A third building is planned. 

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

I was so impressed by the friendliness, helpfulness, and enthusiasm here. They have a huge library which is family-friendly (many military students) with a large and welcoming children’s book section. On-site counseling is available for students and their families. They know how to help veterans very well. The buildings are only 3 years old, beautiful, and modern labs and classrooms.


If you are in this area and need to complete work towards a bachelors degree, please visit and you will find a little gem.


Texas Lutheran University, a gem in Texas

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Texas Lutheran University - don’t just drive on by!

I’ve lived in Texas for more than 20 years and did not know this small liberal arts college existed until I started making frequent road trips between Brownsville and San Marcos. Passing by Seguin Texas, I would see a sign for Texas Lutheran. “I need to go over there and visit one of these times” I kept telling myself, but there was always some excuse not to. 

As part of my business, Your College Dream LLC, I find it helpful to visit to colleges to better guide my students. My visit to Texas Lutheran University really surprised me, and in fact I liked it better than any other liberal arts college I have visited in Texas. It’s a little gem, and if it offers the major you want, you just might find a welcoming home here.

I was made very welcome, the admissions director took time to talk to me about the philosophy and curriculum of the school, and his pride and enthusiasm was obvious. Our student tour guide was friendly and happy with his opportunities to perform music and do student teaching in local high schools. Every visiting high school student was offered something special to make their visit more relevant. The campus is cozy and well maintained. It is centrally located with easy highway access to New Braunfels, San Marcos, San Antonio, and Austin. 

Don’t pass by the road to this school; find your Compass at Texas Lutheran University.

The information you need in this chart. Check out the majors offered and consider a visit. Regular decision deadline February 1.

date  10/23/2015

school:  Texas Lutheran University  in Seguin, Texas

Regional counselor

Director of Admissions Adam Navarro-Jusino

admissions office general contact info   (830) 372-8096

about 50% of applicants accepted

past year, how did it go?

they anticipate good interest in their new BSN nursing program

Total undergraduate enrollment about 1400

the kind of student you love to get?

intellectually curious, involved, to whom faith is important

biggest factor (grades vs other)

looking for well-rounded students with a purpose and goal

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

Great opportunities for Merit Aid as well as need-based aid. Fine Arts Scholarships. Lutheran Scholarship. There is a grid on the TLU website matching your GPA and scores with likely Merit awards:

grad rate 4-6 years

4-year 31%, 6-year 44%

internships, job help?

work-study or internships in community or local schools, study abroad is available for a semester or in shorter 2-4 week periods in May and June

advantage to ED?

ED deadline Nov 1 and ED admission is binding.

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

59% live on campus, mostly freshmen due to available capacity. Apartments are available in nearby Seguin or New Braunfels.

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

Liberal Arts Education in a personable private college setting. Their course of study is called “Compass” and incorporates modern competencies in skills as well as academic grades. Compass is Foundations, Distributions,Competencies, and Activity Modules.

Learning: self-teaching and pursuing academic excellence

Faith: Gospel, Bible

Church: Arts and Sciences, plus service work

Popular majors

Business (BBA) new BSN nursing program, Fine Arts or Music, Athletic Training, Kinesiology, Teacher Education, 

My impressions

I think Texas Lutheran University is a little gem where a student will feel valued, where small class size allows personal attention and students will get to know teachers well. On my visit day I noticed that every visiting student was shown something special to their interest, and current students guided them to class visits, introduced to coaches. etc. Everyone from admissions to administration was friendly, welcoming, and gave full attention to questions. Students are fond of their school and are content. The campus is casual with nicely kept grounds. Seguin is a small city but New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Austin are not far. 

Texas Tech has a lot to offer

Friday, September 25, 2015

Tips for applying to Texas Tech University

Go here for Admissions information

Texas Tech is a growing University. It is a Tier 1 Research University.

Texas Tech wants to grow to a student body of 40,000 (currently 35,893)

Texas Tech wants to increase its diversity. 

Within Texas Tech are: 10 Colleges

             11 Pre-professional programs

             a Law School and a Medical School

Texas Tech awards scholarships at the university level and within each college.

Texas Tech’s Rawls College of Business and College of Education boast job placement rates for graduates over 90% in the 6 months after graduation.

All students at the Whitacre College of Engineering study abroad!

There is an early acceptance to Medical School track for students accepted to the Texas Tech Honors College- see details here:

Texas Tech has a separate Honors College and sponsors National Merit Finalists with a full 4-year tuition scholarship.

50% of the students are admitted through Assured Admission criteria, 

50% through Holistic review of their entire application

Assured admission by these guidelines:

    Top 10% rank in Texas HS class - any SAT or ACT score

    Top 25% rank - SAT 1140 (M + CR) or ACT 25 composite

    26% to 50% rank - SAT 1230 (M+CR) or ACT 28 composite

    Below top 50% rank - Holistic Application Review

About 51% of students live on campus - Begin housing application in early November. 

Priority Application Deadline - February 1, for best access to scholarships and desired programs.  ROLLING ADMISSIONS means you will hear a decision on your application about 2 weeks after you have submitted it, complete with all supporting documents.

If you are admitted BEFORE APRIL 15 and have top 25% class rank, ACT 27 composite or better, or SAT 1200 (Math + CR) or better, you WILL get Merit Based Financial Aid!

Check out the sliding scale of awards:

Tips for applying to University of Houston

Monday, September 21, 2015

Tips for applying to University of Houston

For applicants from the Rio Grande Valley, there is a regional admissions office where you can get help with your application or hand-deliver extra materials like official transcripts, portfolios, supporting documents, and more. 

It’s open Mon-Thurs 9am to 6 pm and Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Location:  612 Nolana

                 McAllen, TX     956 627-6346

                 or contact admin. assistant Patricia Ramirez at

University of Houston is growing rapidly and is the 3rd largest University in Texas.

They take pride in helping students graduate with little or no debt. They have generous need-based and merit-based financial aid. They are well known for Entrepreneurship, oil and gas-related majors, Engineering, the Hilton College of Hotel management, and they offer the very marketable major of Supply Chain and Logistics.

University of Houston has “rolling admission”, which means they will evaluate your application as soon as it is submitted with everything complete. Beginning in October they will give you a decision on your application within about 2 weeks!

After admission, apply for campus housing before April 1 to be assured a place.

                                University of Houston has:

12 Academic Colleges including colleges of Pharmacy, Business, Engineering, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Architecture, Nursing, Honors College, and more. 

Law School, Optometry School, and College of Pharmacy

Submit your completed Apply Texas application by Dec. 1 Priority Deadline for full access to scholarships and popular programs. Scholarship applications will still be accepted until July 1, but be aware that available funds are often depleted early.

Assured Admission

Top 10% rank in Texas HS class and take ACT or SAT, any score 

11-25% rank:  SAT 1000 (M + CR) or more, ACT 21 composite or more

26-50% rank: SAT 1100 (M + CR) or more, ACT 24 composite or more

below 50% class rank, holistic review of application

Tips for applying to UT

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tips for applying to UT Austin

It’s the UT System flagship school. It’s the toughest to get in to. Bring your best game and get your application submitted with all its necessary  supporting documents by the priority deadline of October 15 for Texas Advance Scholarship consideration.

Top 7% ranked Texas HS students are automatically admitted and may be notified in the fall. All other decisions will be released by March 1. Be sure to list your desired choices of majors on the Apply Texas application. See this page for a list of all application materials:

 Admission to UT does NOT guarantee admission to the major you want - some require auditions, extra application materials, or higher test scores.  Final deadline for application to UT  is December 1.

About 25% of UT students are admitted under Holistic Review process or from out of state. This is where your essays and expanded resume can help you. Your expanded resume is a place where you might say what each of your important activities means to you, beyond just listing them. Maybe you had more activities than the space on the Apply Texas form allowed. Let the admission committee see you as a whole person. Be your expressive self. 

After submitting your Apply Texas application, on the UT My Status page you will see a Student Info Form. Answer every question and check every box. Some of these answers about your family background or finances may qualify you for scholarships or special freshman support programs. The financial questions here are pretty generic - more information will be needed later on the FAFSA. If unsure of answers, ask your parents.

To apply for federal financial aid, file the FAFSA as soon as possible after Jan 1 and definitely before March 1. 54% of undergraduates get financial aid, with 48% of this being “gift” aid (grants or scholarships) and 52% being loans that must be repaid.

           Alternate ways to join UT as a second year student are:



   These two programs may be offered to applicants who didn’t quite have a strong enough application for direct admission to UT, but a student cannot apply to them directly. Both allow entry into the College of Undergraduate Studies at UT as a sophomore if the first year in these programs is completed successfully.

The Rio Grande Valley Admissions Center is at 1117 N. Stuart Place Road, Suite 101, Harlingen, Texas.  956 752-3650. 

Get help or drop off important papers there. There may be a center nearer you

Tips for applying to Texas A&M University

Sunday, September 13, 2015

                      Tips for applying to Texas A&M University

The Texas A&M site is very helpful and informative. Go Here:

 In my opinion, Texas A&M is very generous in its support for good students and great students with merit-based scholarships.

Be sure to make use of regional admissions offices for help on your application.

Applications can be submitted between August 1 and December 1.

You may not know that they are reviewing applications all the time! If you meet the criteria for automatic admission (either Top 10% or Academic Admit), you will be notified as soon as the committee reviews your file. New notifications are being sent out every week.

                       Top 10%  

 A top 10% ranked graduate of any Texas high school who turns in a complete application will be admitted. Some majors at A&M May have more requirements for you, and despite being accepted as a general student at A&M you may have to wait longer to hear from your major.

                     Academic Admit  

Rank in the top 25% of your Texas high school class AND

Score on SAT 1300 (Math + CR) with at least 600 on each section                                      


Score on ACT Composite 30 with at least a 27 in each Math and English

                 Holistic Review

All other students who do not meet these automatic admission guidelines will be considered by a review of every part of their application. Admission officers are reading your applications as they come in, but decisions on these will be announced starting in March. 

Texas A&M is expanding its opportunities for students interested in engineering. A new program (The Chevron Engineering Academy) allows you to complete the first 2 years of engineering classes at one of 4 community colleges, then move to College Station for the last 2 years.  Read about it here:  

When you are notified of your admission, pay a dorm deposit within 30 days to get priority choice of a dorm room as a freshman. If you later decide to attend another college, this deposit is fully refundable.

University of Texas-Pan American

Saturday, November 08, 2014

 UT-Pan American in Edinburg Texas will finish its last year under that name in Spring Term 2015. From that point it will join with UT Brownsville to form the newly created entity University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).  The merger will link two campuses 60 miles from each other, and the transition period is bound to come with lots of hiccups, confusion, and unexpected changes. A new medical school will be part of the venture as well, with its first entering class in 2016. Improved funding from the State of Texas and a designation as an emerging research university is the reason behind the change. Most degrees and majors available at either college will continue on in the new one, but for those planning to stay in the Rio Grande Valley for their college career, it will be best to double check the available majors before making a final decision.


date  10/27/2014

school:  UT Pan American, Edinburg Texas

Regional counselor

for Brownsville & Harlingen, Carlos Castañeda

Admissions office general contact info

The University of Texas Pan American

Admissions and New Student Services

1201 West University Drive, VC1.124

Edinburg, TX 78539    (956) 665-2999    

Programs they are most proud of?

Education and Music, also OT and SLP to Masters degree level.  They have the only Physician’s Assistant program in Texas outside of a medical school 

The kind of student you love to get?

Students are mainly local, only about 150 a year from outside the Rio Grande Valley. 81% from Hidalgo County, 93% Hispanic, 96% live off-campus.

Admissions criteria

Recommended or distinguished TX HS graduation plan. IB diplomas auto-admitted. Top 10% of HS class and take SAT or ACT : No minimum score, auto-admitted.

Below top 10%: holistic review of application, ACT>18,SAT>860 math+critical read

class of 2017: 69% acceptance rate

Entering class size about 3500

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

Tuition for full-time student approximately $6033 per year.

96% of aid is need-based, with 75% of demonstrated need met.

There is a UTRGV Scholarship Application, you need to ask about it & apply

grad rate 4-6 years

4 year: 14%      6 year: 39%

internships, job help?

There is a career services office. Some majors (allied health, teaching) require internship or observation time which the student may need to seek out for himself.

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

Housing is minimal with fewer than 5% living on campus. There are 2 residence halls and one on-campus apartment complex, total spaces about 600.

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

The majority of students being off-campus is definitely different. 

There are a number of allied health and medical programs aimed at tying in economically and educationally disadvantaged students with Texas medical schools.  These programs are an alphabet soup:

PHC: Premedical Honors College, affiliated with Baylor Medical School. Applicants must major in Biology or Chemistry and maintain minimum college GPA as well as following program guidelines, for an admission to Baylor College of Medicine

EMSAP: Early Medical School Acceptance Program, affiliated with UTMB Galveston medical school: first-generation students and economically disadvantaged only, HS GPA>3.25, SAT>1500 or ACT>21, must graduate in 4 years from UTPA, UTB, or 4 other colleges

JAMP: Joint Admission Medical Program, affiliated with all Texas Medical schools, a student must fill out FAFSA and be eligible for Pell Grant freshman year, apply to JAMP, keep a 3.25 GPA, and other academic criteria.

A PRIME-TIME: Affiliated with UT Houston and UTMB medical schools, this is the only one of these programs NOT requiring a student to be economically disadvantaged. UTPA, UTB, and UTEP students in this program attend college every summer starting after HS graduation to achieve BS+MD in 6 years.

The BIG Changes ahead for UTPA

UT Pan American and UT Brownsville are merging to form a new entity starting with the Class of 2019: UT Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV).  Still in the planning stages, almost all of UTPA’s degree programs will remain available at the new UTRGV. The logistics of having one institution with 2 campuses 60 miles apart will surely involve some growing pains and confusion the first several years. 

All college sports will be at the Edinburg campus only, and probably engineering majors will be based there too. A new marine biology major will be established and will have off-campus facilities nearer the Gulf of Mexico. Increasing research grants in health fields and the establishment of a new medical school in Edinburg may shift health related majors towards Harlingen and Edinburg as well. Follow developments on the UTRGV and UT System sites and ask lots of questions of the admissions departments if you plan to attend UTRGV or apply to one of its special programs.




Loyola University Chicago

Tuesday, October 28, 2014
During my visit to Loyola University in June, I was impressed with the enthusiasm and intelligence of the students and staff I met. A beautiful campus setting feels like a real community in urban Chicago. Modern study buildings will feel cozy when winter rolls in. Good students with a career focus and an interest in service will find a lot to like at Loyola University Chicago.

date  June 2014

school   Loyola University Chicago

admissions office general contact info

Loyola University Chicago                      

1032 West Sheridan Road                                        (312) 915-6500

Chicago, IL  60660

regional counselor for Texas Katie Brewer 

past year, how did it go?

each year they are seeing a growth in number of applicants by 15-20%

entering class size 2200-2500

the religious factor

This is a Jesuit Catholic university, known for challenging academic standards. Other faiths are welcome & school also has Hillel, Hindu, Muslim, and Protestant student organizations. Mutual respect is key among different faiths. They value “the pursuit of knowledge, the embracing of faith, and the promotion of justice.”

the kind of student you love to get?

Committed to an activity, service-minded, career oriented. Demonstrate your interest and try to visit. 

biggest factor (grades vs other)

Rolling admissions with Dec 1 priority deadline, you will receive a decision on your completed application in 4-6 weeks. A resume with service activities and awards may help. 91% are accepted, 19% enroll. 40% out of state, 45% male, 55% female, 55% Catholic.  Average GPA 3.7,  ACT 25-29,  SAT 1080-1300 CR+M 

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

Merit scholarships are determined based on (SAT/ ACT scores+weighted GPA+ Class Rank). Honors program requires a separate application. They are generous with college credit for AP classes. 84% of students get need-based aid but only 14% have their need fully met.  Deadlines:Feb 1 for merit scholarships and Mar 1 for FAFSA need-based aid.

grad rate 4-6 years

4 year 54%    6 year 71%

internships, job help?

Yes- many majors have internships as part of the degree. Education majors observe in classrooms starting first year, and senior year is a full-year class placement. Social Work students spend 20 hours/week in practicum as seniors.

Jobs - school has a “Monster-LinkedIn type” system for matching internships, jobs, research with students. 

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

There are 2 Chicago campuses, Lakeshore and Watertower. All freshmen and sophomores must live on campus. 80% of students overall live on campus. All students get a CTA transit pass for transportation between campuses or anywhere their activities, internships, or work study assignments may take them.

Study abroad?

about 1/3 will study abroad, in 3 main sites at their international campuses in Rome Italy, Beijing China, and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

Jesuit School, emphasizes education and social justice, CORE curriculum for breadth of knowledge. 

Many unique programs allow a compressed 5-year bachelor + Masters degree

(Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, Social Work)  

6-year Bachelors + JD law program, apply to this as a sophomore.

Nursing program is strong, but must be admitted as a freshman, no transfers in.

10 spots available early acceptance to medical school (Stritch School of Medicine)

Dual enrollment with Chicago College of Pharmacy = 2 yrs at Loyola + 4 at pharmacy school for a Pharmacy PhD

Majors in Journalism, Supply Chain Management, Digital Media Production, are just a few not found at every college. 

Unique Institute of Environmental Sustainability where you can learn and even live, produces biodiesel and stores energy geothermally, many degrees related to environment, ecology, sustainability are available.

Many business, finance,economics, fine arts, and health field majors, take a good look at degrees offered. Many majors in Computer Science and Information Technology fields but does not offer other engineering degrees.

My impression

A good student who finds service and faith important will find great career paths at this school. In an urban environment but many parks, running trails available for those snow-free months. Housing, libraries, and study centers are attractive and convenient. Staff is enthusiastic and welcoming. You will need to get comfortable with urban transit system. 

Texas Woman's University

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Well, yes, the name is Texas Woman's University and when it opened in 1901 its only major was laundry science. For most of its history it has been open to women only, allowing male graduate students in the early 70s and undergrads in 1994. I would guess that most men are still put off by the name and if considering Denton TX, would prefer UNT. But a young person who wants to study Physical Therapy with a side interest in nutrition, or wants to combine kinesiology with athletic training, or wants a good program in OT, SLP, or nursing should consider this school. UNT does not offer nursing, but at TWU you can get a bachelors, masters, and PhD. Attending TWU will cost $2500 less a year than UNT or U of Houston, and $2000 a year less than UT Arlington, UT Austin, or Texas A&M. If the major is a good match for you, and you don't need collegiate sports to be a big part of your college experience, take a look at TWU.

date  9/26/2014

school    Texas Woman’s University

admissions office general contact info

Office of Admissions 

Texas Women’s University

P O Box 425589

Denton, TX 76204-5589        (940) 898-3188

past year, how did it go?

class size is growing, last year 1950 freshmen enrolled. 99% are Texans

application deadline

Priority deadline March 1, regular July 15   

the kind of student you love to get?

TWU students are 90% women and 10% men. TWU has accepted male students since 1994.   86% of applicants were accepted, 32% enrolled

Why go to TWU? 

Students seek out this school for its majors, especially in Nursing, PT, OT, and SLP. Nutrition, music, fine arts, dance, and education are popular. Food sciences and food systems administration, music therapy, and a masters in education of the deaf are a few more majors available.

5 colleges make up TWU:

  1. College of Arts and Sciences
  2. College of Nursing
  3. College of Health Sciences
  4. College of Professional Education
  5. The Graduate School

Admissions criteria

Assured admission: top 25% of class, graduated from accredited Texas high school within past 2 years

Regular admission: graduate from accredited HS, homeschool, or GED, with a GPA of 2.0 or better, top 50% class rank, SAT CR+M 1000 or ACT 21

or Individual Review

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

97% of aid is need-based, but TWU tuition is about 25% less than the other large state schools. Must file separate application for scholarships and aid.

grad rate 4-6 years

4 year: 22%    6 year: 47%

internships, job help?

internships, research, tutoring available. Science Learning Research Center. 90% of nursing students pass NCLE exam on first try. Study abroad in England available. 84% of BS/BA graduates are employed or in graduate school within 1 year.

honor students?

Average GPA 3.82, SAT 1309, special housing and cultural events are a part of being a TWU Honors Scholar

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

76% of freshmen live in dorms, 20% of undergraduates overall. Denton is the home of another, larger, university, UNT. There are larger numbers of nearby apartments available with more under construction.

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

Excellent pre-professional and nursing education with many degrees continuing to masters and PhD level. Large college town with a variety of live music and entertainment venues and only 35 miles from Dallas. Small easy to navigate campus.  There are 5 womens sports teams: volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, and gymnastics, NCAA Div II. There is a public golf course on campus where you can play 18 holes for about $20.

Give it a look!

explore to see if your educational goals match what TWU has to offer. It could be a good place for you to work towards your profession.


University of North Texas

Monday, October 20, 2014

date  9/26/2014

school:   University of North Texas (UNT) in Denton, TX

admissions office general contact info

Office of Admissions         or 

1155 Union Circle                

Denton, TX 76203-5017

(940) 565-2681

past year, how did it go?

4th largest college in Texas with 23,000 undergrads and 13,000 graduate students


February 1 for scholarship eligibility and March 1 regular application

the kind of student you love to get?

all are welcome, 97% are Texans and many from Denton/ Dallas area

Assured Admission


Based on class rank and standardized test scores:

Top 10% and submit  ACT or SAT score

Top 25% and SAT 950 CR+M or ACT 20

Top 50% and SAT 1050 CR+M or ACT 23

Top 75% and SAT 1180 CR+M or ACT 26

What about Honors Students?

National Merit Finalists listing UNT as their top choice may get substantial monetary awards. They must apply & be accepted to Honors College.

Honors admissions counselor: contact

Aid: need only, or what constitutes merit?

Average need met is 76%, most aid is need-based. 17% get merit aid.

grad rate 4-6 years

4 year: 19%,  6 year: 48%

internships, job help?

Career center has an employer network, trainings, internships. Some internships may require financial need eligibility. Interested undergrads can do research.

College credit for my work in high school?

Yes! AP scores of 3, 4, 5 in some subjects, and 4,5 in others can get you college credit at UNT. Talk to registrar also about transferability of credits from IB, dual enrollment or “early college high school” classes. Check the details here:

Housing mainly for freshmen, or more capacity for older?

There are 14 residence halls. One is an Honors dorm (another honors dorm being built.) and several are “REAL” communities in which residents are grouped by common interests.  Most freshmen live in dorms but overall only 20% of undergrads do. There are many nearby apartments with more being built all the time. After freshman year you will probably need to find housing off campus.

What sets you apart from other universities like yours?

UNT and Denton are growing rapidly. With so many fine arts and music majors in UNT and in Denton’s other college (Texas Woman’s University) live music venues abound and add to a vibrant community life.

Strong majors include music, fine arts, modern dance. UNT had the nation’s first Jazz Studies program. There are 9 ABET accredited engineering majors and a separate “Discovery Park” facility. Many attend UNT for PT and SLP careers. Supply Chain Management, Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, RTF, and Communication. Nursing and OT not offered.

my impression

big school without the big city traffic, 35 minutes from Dallas, strong programs in many majors make this university worth a look


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