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In junior and senior year, just as classes are getting more challenging and you feel you might not have enough time to do all the things you would like, a new and enormous task is added to your list - the task of selecting and applying to colleges.

What have you noticed, seeing friends or siblings go through this process? Was there deadline pressure, stress, uncertainty, and doubt? Even tears and frustration? It doesn’t have to be that way!

Your College Dream LLC offers a highly individual approach for you, your needs, and your goals, providing helpful information to guide you to colleges where you will thrive.

You will learn to take ownership of the whole process, don’t let it own you!
  • Get help with overall organization, to be confident you have finished everything.
  • Do background work well before senior year.
  • Learn the value of state schools for affordability and quality.
  • Also consider out-of-state schools which may be a great fit for you.
  • Explore college websites to be sure they offer what you want.
  • Know the admissions requirements at each school - do you, or can you, meet them?
  • Plan your testing (SAT, ACT) and prepare for the tests.
  • Cut your list of possible colleges down as you learn more about them, and about yourself!
  • Communicate in a respectful way with admissions offices, for a lasting good impression.
  • Plan to visit colleges, or at least college fairs. Know what questions to ask there.
  • Get over your fear of essays!
  • Schedule interviews, auditions, or prepare extra materials, if needed, for your major.
  • Learn what financial aid your family may qualify for, and how and when to apply.

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Due to the many different ways that colleges and universities select students, Your College Dream LLC cannot guarantee admission to any institution.

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