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What Can I Do With a Major in... - This well organized resource from the University of Washington gives great ideas on where to use your major

Career and Technical Education - Although geared toward CTE, check out the Career Clusters information for a great way to think about careers that are inter-related.

Career One Stop - A detailed and useful site from U.S. Department of Labor, where you can search by career, industry, or state.

ONETonline - From the U.S. Department of Labor. Anything and everything about jobs in America, from training needed to salary, demand - you can also match to your personality type (Holland Codes). - Short videos by workers in various careers


Apply Texas - The fill-out-one-time application for all Texas public universities, and some Texas private and community colleges too. Save this link to your computer, you need it!

Common Application - The semi-standard application for over 500 US colleges and universities. Almost all colleges add a few more questions or essays to the “standard” form. You will probably use this if applying out of Texas. Save the link!

NCAA student athletes - Learn how to meet NCAA eligibility requirements and more - start early! Here is a link to their downloadable .pdf guidebook

ACT - ACT site, register and track your tests

SAT/College Board - SAT site, register and track your tests


College Navigator - A search site by US. Department of Education. You can search by many criteria, even save your searches to a spreadsheet.

Compare College TX - A site listing Texas public institutions only It lets you compare quick facts like size, cost, graduation rates. To really get to know a college you may find here, visit its site to explore in more detail.

Fair Test - Lists colleges not requiring SAT or ACT tests for admission, or using them primarily for course placement

ED.GOV - U.S. Department of Education site, student info page with facts on colleges, loans, financial aid, internships, and more

College Scorecard: College Affordability and Transparency Center - The White House has a college search site too...


Student - Spend some time (parents will like it, too) on this site for easy explanations of the types of federal aid, eligibility, and more.

YouTube videos from Federal Student Aid  - Do you like YouTube videos better than documents? Much of the same information from the first link in this section, featured as short videos.

FAFSA - FAFSA official site. Always go to,

FAFSA 4caster - FAFSA 4caster, a quick estimator on whether you will qualify for federal aid. You might do this to decide whether to fill out the FAFSA

CSS Profile - CSS profile, a subsection of College Board. CSS Profile is a more detailed financial aid application than the FAFSA and is more often used by private schools.

Fastweb’s Quick Reference Guide on loans - Fastweb’s Quick Reference Guide on student or parent loans. (10 pages printable) While this has a lot of information, I think the site (first link in this group) explains it all much better.

Edvisors Anchored by Mark Kantrowitz and David Levy, it is a rich source of information about college financing, understanding loan terms, scholarship sources, and overall financial planning.

There are various free search sites- don’t pay a site to search for scholarships for you! Back out of sites that seem odd or have a lot of pop-ups. - Extensive search engine site for all kinds of scholarships and grants. Want a scholarship only for tall people, left-handers, knitters? Here’s the place!

Fastweb - Another extensive scholarship search engine. Think creatively and search for everything unique about yourself - there may be a scholarship for that!

Student Scholarship Search  This site, affiliated with Edvisors, is another safe and free site where you can match your qualifications to available scholarships.

Texas UIL - Did you go to State in a Texas UIL Academic contest? If you are a senior, have taken the SAT or ACT, and will attend college in Texas, you may be eligible for a scholarship!

*Individual colleges usually have scholarship pages too, don’t forget to check!


College Essay Guy  Ethan Sawyer is College Essay Guy. He offers consulting services for your essay, and also publishes frequent blog posts, links, and fantastically helpful advice on making your essay interesting, memorable, and appealing. If you know what you want to say but not how to structure it, go here.

Essay Hell - Essay Hell, Janine Anderson Robinson’s site. She works as an essay coach and has 2 books for sale, and has also posted many useful free blog posts (along the right side) that may spark your essay inspiration!

MIT admissions blog - Pithy advice from an MIT blogger, Chris Peterson

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